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Rolex Daytona must be very familiar to watch fans. The classic three-lap design is like three tracks, and the built-in timing function is ready for racing. In 1962, Rolex introduced the first Daytona watch designed specifically for racers. The driver who wins the championship will get a specially customized Daytona watch. In 1992, Rolex officially […]

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Air-King is an often forgotten series in the Rolex sports lineup. In 1945, Rolex launched Air-King, which appeared before GMT-MASTER, Daytona, and even Submariner, including commemorating the Royal Air Force pilots of World War II. The creation of Air-Lion, Air-Tiger, and Air-Giant has become the pilot’s preferred aviation watch for many years. As an “entry-level” […]

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It is Rolex’s Cellini series. This series can be said to be Rolex’s most special watch series. It is not well-known and completely out of the Oyster structure. It is the least Rolex watch in the Rolex watch series. At first, Rolex wanted to design a true Rolex formal dress watch, so in 1960 “Cellini” […]