Comfortable wear watch, 36mm small size sports copy watch recommended.

With the popularity of sports watches, large-diameter replica watches are becoming increasingly popular, and the size of the eye is becoming larger and larger; however, wearing a solid style is unmistakable but less comfortable. Several decades ago, more than 30 mm diameter was the mainstream diameter of men’s watches, comfortable to wear and convenient to work. In this extensive table runoff line of the age, some table friends love 30, a few millimeters of small table diameter; this article will recommend three.

Men’s Rolex Day Date 1806 Black Baton

Watch review:

Formal table friends should have paid attention to the Rolex week calendar type, as the brand’s signature watch series, with exquisite watchmaking technology and simple, elegant design to conquer the hearts of many table friends. This replica watch is very classic and fashionable. It features a black baton dial and a brown crocodile strap for an elegant edge. Its diameter of 36 mm is very suitable for mature and graceful men, and its waterproof performance can reach 100 meters.

Rolex Day Date 118135 1 Men’s Automatic 36mm Platinum

Watch review:

This Rolex week calendar-type engraved watch, from the design point of view, is exquisite and practical, and very strong, this watch dial is a chocolate bar, and the collocation crocodile leather strap; of the case is made of 316-grade stainless steel; is full of modern style, corrosion performance is excellent. In addition, a more readable date display window at the three o ‘clock position is easy to wear and use during the daily commute.

Rolex Day Date 118135 2 Person Automatic 36mm Rose Gold

Watch review:

This Rolex Week calendar reprint has a very organized layout, with a 36mm diameter silver and a three o ‘clock window displaying the date. The case is made of rose gold material, and the overall style is more luxurious. The watch is equipped with an automatic chain movement, whether in quality or performance and is the best choice.

Summary: Today, we recommend these three replica watches have their characteristics; each has its design style and brand sense of atmosphere and is a perfect week calendar replica watch. We promise that all copies of the table are 1:1 copies. If you want copies of the table, you can visit our website to browse and buy. We will provide you with the best quality copy table and service. Please get in touch with us for an original case, deep waterproof, or strap.

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