Monthly Archives: November 2022

Appearance level and cost performance guide to online reproduction watch

In recent years, the appearance of diving watched with a high level of appearance, stable and practical performance and loved, and brands have introduced a lot of diving watches; for many people, a sports watch is not as good as a dress watch, “joker” after all, can wear a suit table daily, but wear is […]

High appearance level and practical, weak calendar copy watch. What are the good choices?

With the development of watchmaking technology, the functions of the watch are more and more, from the recognized three super complex parts of the calendar, the tourbillon, three asked to start with a low threshold of the moon phase, the two places, and so on. But in addition to the essential reading, the most practical […]

Men can also wear the “36mm” elegant formal copy watch.

Within the category of assembling a list, the size 36 mm is very “subtle,” actually in the early years, widespread in building a list of The Times, 36 mm is very average men’s dress table size. However, its small size and appropriate dress collocation would seem the wearer more delicate, a gentleman, just right between […]